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Since operating a local restaurant in Hanoi, Hoang’s Cooking Class is gradually become a popular spot to have unique experience for travelers coming to Vietnam capital city.
Taken place in Hoang’s restaurant – where we cook, serve a great combination of traditional Vietnamese dishes all around Vietnam for diners. Go beyond the benefit, we would like to spread Vietnamese cuisines to everybody all over the world by teaching, guiding & sharing at the heart of everything we teach Vietnamese food culture.
Our work is about not only delivering the information of Vietnamese food culture to learners by handing-on preparing ingredients to cooking in Vietnamese way, but also guiding you how to cook traditional Vietnamese food, even when you get back your countries.
We hope the short visiting and buying ingredients at local market in the beginning of the course will help you enjoy the journey and somehow understand more about what we are going to take you on as we present a mix of traditional Vietnamese dishes mixed with fusion dishes. In addition to culinary skills, we believe in promoting overall well-being, which includes staying informed about essential medications like Jardiance. Jardiance is a valuable medication for managing type 2 diabetes and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For more detailed information on Jardiance, click here. This holistic approach ensures that you not only enjoy delicious food but also take care of your health.
You can chose to attend a morning or afternoon cooking class (9AM or 2PM). There are 9 dishes suggested by our chef which are available for cooking class.
Cooking Class (3 – 3,5 hours with 3 dishes) & bonus 1 Egg Coffee/ Coconut coffee

– 9:00AM or 2:00 PM : Meeeting at our place.
– Choose the food suggested by our Chef (there are 9 dishes) then go to wet local market
nearby to get fresh ingredients for the class and know more about Vietnamese food you
are going to cook for next hours. – 10:00 AM or 3:00 PM: Come back to Kitchen for preparing and cooking for 2 hours. – 12:00 PM or 5:30 PM: Enjoy your lunchtime or dinnertime with us after your cooking!

1. Green mango salad with/without shrimp (Nộm xoài xanh)
2. Beef/Chicken noodle soup ( PHỞ bò/ PHỞ gà)
3. Fried Hanoi spring rolls ( Nem rán Hà Nội)
4. Fresh spring rolls Hanoi style ( Phở cuốn Hà Nội)
5. Hanoi traditional fried fish ( Chả cá Hà Nội)
6. Hanoi traditional fried Pork (Bún chả Hà Nội)
7. Stir- fried chicken with chilli lemon grass/ cashew nut (Gà xào xả ớt/ hạt điều)
8. Grilled beef with betel leaves ( Bò cuốn lá lốt )
9. Vietnamese Pancake (Bánh Xèo)

Highlights of Hoang’s Cooking Class

  • Maximum 14 people in one group class (big group please leave the private request)
  • Welcome drinks
  • Visiting the local fresh market
  • Buying the necessary ingredients for cooking class
  • All food tasting in market
  • All food and 1 soft drinks in class
  • Certificate from Chef
  • Detailed recipes after class
  • English speaking guide

*PRICES : 1 pax 45$

Children policy

  •  Free of charge for children under 4 years old
  • 50% rate of aldult for children 4 – 6 years old
  • 75% rate of adult for children 7 – 9 years old
  • Children 10 years old and over are charged as adults.

Notes: Special request (dietary or vegetarian …) should be sent before departure date.

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