Vietnamese coconut coffee, a wonderful brew that has become a local favorite in Hanoi, is a must-try if you enjoy coffee. This distinctive beverage mixes the coconut milk smoothness of the tropics with the powerful and robust flavor of Vietnamese coffee. Vietnamese coconut coffee will fulfill your needs whether you need a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon pleasure.

What exactly is Vietnamese Coconut Coffee?

Vietnamese coconut coffee is a type of coffee that is popular in Vietnam and other parts of Southeast Asia. It is made by mixing strong Vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed milk and coconut milk or coconut cream. The resulting drink is rich, creamy, and slightly sweet, with a distinctive coconut flavor that complements the bold, smooth taste of the coffee.

Vietnamese coconut coffee is a refreshing and indulgent treat that is perfect for hot weather, and it is a popular alternative to traditional iced coffee drinks. It is also a great way to experience the unique flavors and culinary traditions of Vietnam, and it is a favorite among coffee lovers around the world.

The History of Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnam has a lengthy and intriguing history with coffee. French colonists brought it to Vietnam in the nineteenth century, and ever since it has been an essential component of Vietnamese culture. Vietnamese coffee is a renowned beverage not just in Vietnam but also across the world because to its distinctive brewing techniques and flavor characteristics.

The Rise of Vietnamese Coconut Coffee


The inclusion of coconut milk has given this well-liked beverage a completely new flavor, even though Vietnamese coffee is generally consumed with condensed milk. Because of its creamy texture and tropical flavor, coconut milk is a prominent component in Vietnamese cooking. Vietnamese coconut coffee was created as a result of fusing it with coffee.

  • How to Make Vietnamese Coconut Coffee

You can make this attractive drink yourself with the following fairly simple way and ingredients:

I – Ingredients

– 25g coffee powder

– Boiling water 90 degrees C

– 60ml condensed milk

– 80ml coconut milk or 300g grated coconut

– 20ml whipping cream (with or without)

– Ice

– Tools: coffee filter or coffee maker, blender, glass

– Toppings: Dried coconut or fruits, sugar-coated fruits…

II – Stages of processing Vietnamese Coconut Coffee.

1: Making coffee

If you have a coffee maker, all you need to do is add 25g of coffee powder and 40ml of hot water, then push the button. If you don’t have this instrument, you may still create it the old-fashioned method with a coffee filter.

It’s important to first heat the filter with boiling water in order to prepare the ideal cup of Vietnamese coffee with coconut milk. Then, while spreading the surface uniformly, add the coffee powder and around 30 cc of hot water. You leave it for approximately 5 minutes to allow the coffee to expand evenly in the water, bringing the taste and nutrients to life and allowing you to extract more wonderful coffee. After adding 40ml of hot water and closing the lid, placing it on a glass, and waiting for the coffee to extract the substance that may be used to make coconut milk coffee.

2. Making coconut milk mixture

Alternatively, you may make your own coconut milk at home by blending 300g of shredded coconut with warm water and placing the mixture in a filter cloth bag to create 80ml of canned coconut milk. The prepared coconut milk, 25g condensed milk, several ice cubes, and 20ml whipped cream (if wanted) should all be blended together to create a high-quality coconut milk concoction. You may stop producing the milk combination for the Vietnamese coconut coffee when it resembles snow and is fluffy, resulting in a finished product that is neither too watery nor too thick.

3. Combining the products of two previous steps together

When the coffee is thick, smooth, and light brown in color, pour the freshly made coffee into the pot and shake briskly and evenly. When done, pour the coffee into a glass and omit the shaker by using a plastic bottle instead.

4. Decorating the cup of coconut milk coffee

Pour the coconut milk mixture evenly and gradually over the top, being careful to keep the froth in place.

  • Notes when making Vietnamese Coconut Coffee

You should use pure coffee to assure the cup’s quality, as well as the proper flavor and appeal. The best option for the natural flavor and fatness is fresh coconut milk. The quantities of the components in the coconut coffee Vietnam recipe may also be changed, for example, you can add more coffee if you want a bitter flavor or more coconut milk if you prefer a thick, oily flavor. Additionally, you may alter the quantity of condensed milk to customize the sweetness to your tastes.

Vietnam’s Coconut Coffee Has a Special Taste

Vietnamese coconut coffee has a distinctive flavor that mixes the strong, powerful flavor of Vietnamese coffee with the creamy, tropical overtones of coconut milk. Condensed milk’s sweetness and the coffee’s richness work together to create a balanced and delicious beverage. Ice cubes provide it a cooling and refreshing effect, making it ideal for hot summer days.

Vietnamese Coconut Coffee is Becoming More and More Popular

Vietnamese coconut coffee has been more well-liked recently, not just in Hanoi but also elsewhere. It is a favorite among both coffee fans and coconut lovers because to its distinctive flavor and pleasant attributes. The rich and flavorful coconut milk from the tropics and the robust, fragrant Vietnamese coffee combine to make a delicious, indulgent brew.

A Must-Try for Coffee Lovers

For coconut coffee lovers, Vietnamese coconut coffee is a must-try. Its unique flavor and creamy texture make it a delightful treat for any time of day. Whether you’re a local in Hanoi or a traveler exploring the city, be sure to seek out a cafe that serves this delicious beverage. You won’t be disappointed!

What else are you waiting for? In Hanoi, savor the delectable fragrances of Vietnamese coconut coffee and try some for yourself. Whether you’re enjoying this energetic beverage at home or in a bustling cafe, you’ll want more. Don’t skip out on this unique and delicious coffee experience!




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